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How much money do Americans spend on Halloween?

How much money do Americans spend on Halloween?

National Halloween spending reached $9 billion in 2018. More than 175 million Americans participated in Halloween festivities, with the average consumer spending about $86 dollars. American spent more than $3 billion on costumes. The most popular children’s costume was a princess, while adults favored the witch look. [6]

Just so, How much candy do Americans eat on Halloween? The average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy over Halloween. That s heavier than a twerking popstar s brain! Kids consume up to 7,000 calories on Halloween (the same as 13 Big Macs!) Toooooo much candyyyyyy-. The average trick or treater consumes about 3 cups of sugar- equivalent to 220 sugar packets! [3]

How much money is usually spent on Halloween? The NRF's Halloween Data Center estimates that $3.2 billion total will be spent on decorations, with per-person spending at $32.10. According to Finder.com, the cost of a pumpkin is up: The average gourd will run you $4.83, as compared to $4.18 in 2020 and $4.04 in 2019. [4]

Accordingly, How to save money on Halloween? Halloween and New Year’s combined. If you’re stressed about how to pull off the most extra and over-the-top shindig this Galentine’s Day season, chill, I got you. Just text the group chat with a save-the-date and scroll down to shop everything you ... [5]

Beside above, How much money did Halloween II gross domestically? Its adjusted total domestic gross is the most of any of its sequels, though, at $183.5 million. Below is every "Halloween" movie, ranked by opening weekend box office adjusted for inflation: [6]


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