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How do I transfer money from BMO to another bank?

How do I transfer money from BMO to another bank?

- Click on Payments & Transfers. - Click on Make a Transfer. - Select the account you wish to transfer money from. - Select the account you wish to transfer the money to. - Enter the amount you would like to transfer. [9]

Also question is, How do I move money between my BMO Harris accounts? You can easily move money between your eligible BMO Harris accounts and review your transaction history online. You can schedule one-time, recurring or future dated transfers. 1. Select the Transfers tab to view your scheduled transfers, completed transfers or all transfers. [9]

Beside this, How do I send or receive funds using BMO? Follow the steps below to send or receive funds using BMO: Log into your BMO online portal and search for the Pay & Transfer menu located at the bottom of your screen. Enter your transfer information, provide the bank account where you want the money to go, how much you’re sending, and how frequent you’ll be sending it [0]

In this manner, How do I set up a recurring transfer with BMO? Sign in to BMO Online Banking. Click Payments & Transfers in the top navigation menu. Click Set Up a Recurring Transfer in the left-hand navigation menu. Select the accounts you want to transfer the money From and To. Enter the amount you’d like to transfer. Select the frequency you’d like the transfer to occur (e.g. monthly). [9]

Then, What are the fees for an international money transfer with BMO? Service BMO fee Western Union outward payments¹ CA$9 + 1% of the transaction value Wire transfers arranged via a BMO branch ... CA$10 communication charge + 0.20% of th ... Incoming international payments³ CA$14 [2]


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